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Time to confront the bear in outdoor program safety; aligning what we now know with what we’re currently doing. One practitioner’s call to action.

“Curriculum development, and our collective approach to facilitating learning in the outdoors has evolved significantly in the past few decades. However, in my opinion, the same cannot be said about how we manage risk. If we are honest, we’ll see … Continue reading

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“You’re one of us and your job now is to get better”… Remarkable words from the big boss at Bicycle Superstore to a broken athlete

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you can look back and almost feel, smell and touch it; the relevance of every word being so impactful on your senses? Alright alright, before you dial some numbers to check … Continue reading

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Back in the arms of an old friend: Beach Road through a very different lens

Today was a day that I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. Almost seven months in fact. That was the last time I was able to do something that was so normal I wouldn’t have given it a … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland; a dirty sore and a soothing balm… Reflections from an exiled child of the Troubles

I remember lying in bed one night, probably at the age of eleven or twelve, working out in my head an escape plan for how our whole family could exit the house if a bomb went off. The plan though … Continue reading

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Magic in the Metal Rods; Rehabilitating the Mind and Body Following a Bike Crash

If someone had told me four months ago that I’d soon be the owner of a valid disabled parking permit, that I’d have become a keen meditator or that instead of getting up at 5 am to ride my bike … Continue reading

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40 years too young: What sharing the hospital ward of the elderly taught me

Holding the Australian National Time Trial Jersey and medal my Bicycle Superstore teammate Flick Wardlaw had won the same week I broke my hip Two weeks ago I suffered a cyclist’s worst nightmare. No, it wasn’t a MAMIL (for my … Continue reading

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From Corsets to Caffeine: What Annie Londonderry did for Women’s Cycling…

Summer in Australia. The aroma of sunscreen and barbeques coupled with the background commentary of the cricket on the TV. For those of us who enjoy our cycling, summer also means shocking tan lines – strangely enough a badge of … Continue reading

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