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Not a Key Performance Indicator in Sight; Letting the Actions Speak the Words for Women’s Cycling

Almost twelve months to the day, the about to be formed Bicycle Superstore Women’s Racing Team met with the Managing Director of the primary sponsor to discuss the plans for the year ahead. When asking what the expectations of the … Continue reading

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Solidarity in the North-Westerly

“How was the ride back?” shouted the lycra – clad middle aged man at the traffic lights. We were lined up on our two wheels, him, his riding mate and me waiting behind them, all facing east and anticipating the … Continue reading

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Giving up the Fight…and Finding the Toxins in the Tears

It’s coming up to Father’s Day, where for the third year in a row, I won’t get on the phone and call my Da.  I view the TV ads about buying some useless rubbish, whether it be a pair of … Continue reading

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Sorry Lance.

Sorry Lance. I really am. I feel like I owe you an apology. See, when the news finally came out, the official report and the now infamous admission that you took performance enhancing drugs over many years, I wrote you … Continue reading

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BSS Women’s Racing Team – The meaning of teamwork; a personal account

My chosen profession has enabled me the privilege of working with young and old in the great outdoors – seeing people travel, over the period of days and weeks, through struggles of inclement weather, steep hills, uncomfortable sleep, different food … Continue reading

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